Department of  Nephrology

The Department of Nephrology is a professionally managed unit and dedicated to the advancement in the knowledge and understanding of renal disease, its development, prevention and treatment. Our faculty is at the forefront of patient care. The Department was started in March 1993. Common diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and chronic glomerulo-nephritis can lead to permanent loss of renal functions - with dialysis and renal transplantation being the outcome.

In 1994 we acquired a new hemodialysis machine (B-Braun), with single needle dialysis facility computerised UF/Bicarb/Na profiling, NIBP monitoring and other facilities. We also have a blood pump and a mobile dialysis unit, acquired in 1995. This can be used for continuous Venovenous hemofiltration at the bed side of the patients. currently we have 70 patients on routine maintenance hemodialysis.

We have a separate area for dialysing patients with positive HBsAg / HCV serology so as to eliminate the cross infection among dialysis patients. This HBsAg / HCV Positive Dialysis Unit has separate dialyser priming and reuse room.

Our Nephrology team also provides round the clock service for the critically ill in the intensive care units acute medical care unit in management of poisonings/substance abuse/drug overdose scenarios through hemodialysis/ hemofiltration/ charcoal hemoperfusion.

Dept. of Nephrology has a dedicated ICU equipped with multichannel monitors/ High end Datex Ohmeda ventilators supporting non invasive ventilation also along with round the clock ABG. Well motivated nursing staff with supporting physiotherapists and respiratory therapists support Nephrology team.

Plasmapheresis is a life saving procedure is routinely offered to poor patients from far and wide to address both Nephrological and Neurological emergencies.

Renal biopsy plays a vital role in establishing diagnosis and subsequent therapy planning. We are equipped to do Ultrasound guided biopsy within house reporting of both LM and Immunoflorescence enabling conduct of regular Nephropathology academic sessions for residents. Similarly Uro Nephro Imaging sessions are also held supported by 1.5 Tesla MRI and 128 slice spiral CT.

Renal Transplantation Services:

 We have got Certificate of Registration for performing kidney transplantation (Live donor) issued by the Appropriate Authority of Government of Andhra Pradesh for Organ Transplantation.

The first renal transplantation was done on 29.11.1993 and till now we have done about 50 renal transplantations (all related kidney donors) and harvested one cadaver successfully. Renal biopsy is one of the important diagnostic procedures in the evaluation of renal disease. We have done so far 658 renal biopsies without any major complication. Peritoneal Dialysis is an alternative mode of therapy for renal failure is available in our unit and we performed CAPD modality in 31 patients. We are in the process of acquiring a dedicated Automated CAPD cycler machine shortly.

Kidney transplantation services are being offered under NTR Vaidya Seva Scheme for the benefit of low socio-economic patients. These services are also supported by TTD Pranadanam Scheme.

CAPD Services:

Regular peritoneal dialysis services are offered to the public. It is further supported by BAXTER HOME CHOICE PRO APD cycler should the need for acute initiation arise.

Every Thursday - CAPD OPD 8-00 A.M to 10: A.M.


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