128 Slice C.T.Scan

The CT is the latest and most advanced scanner currently available in the world. Its advantages is the rapid and high resolution imaging of the entire body within few seconds, which is a boon especially for trauma cases, acutely ill patients and children. Another major advantage is the non-invasive imaging of blood vessels of the heart which enable speedy diagnosis of heart disease.

  The CT can produce detailed pictures of any organ in a few seconds and provide exquisitely clear, three-dimensional images in an instant, enabling precise diagnosis. Imaging of blood vessels of the heart as well as the entire body is possible. The CT is also used to perform virtual endoscopies i.e. colonoscopy, bronchoscopy or angioscopy thereby avoiding an invasive process

MRI Scanner : The MRI scanner is one of the most advanced equipments available for the whole body imaging. In addition to routine studies such as spine, brain and joint evaluation, etc.
Mammogram : Mammogram allows us to detect breast cancer earlier, offer minimally invasive treatment option for patients and provide an overall enhanced level of care.
Other Equipments
  1. System IC-2000
  2. Siemens 60 mAPortable X-Ray machine
  3. Siemens 60 mAPortable X-Ray machine
  4. Kodak Film processor
  5. Mammography -Mammomat
  6. MRI
  7. Spiral CT
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