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01.  Dr.K.Madhavi, Dr.G.Kameswari, Dr.S.R.Divya: “To study the influence of swiss ball exercise on diastasis recti in post partum women” International Educational Scientific Research Journal, 2017 Vol.3, Pg No.43 -51, Issn No.2455-295X.

02.  Dr.K.Madhavi, Dr.K.Asha Jyothi, Dr.K.Kusuma: “To study the influence of progressive resistance training and yogasana on body composition, fasting plasma glucose in PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) individuals. International Educational Scientific Research Journal, 2017 Vol.3, Pg No.1-9, Issn No.2455-295X.

03.  Dr.Rathnakumari, Dr.K.Madhavi, Dr.S.Raghava Krishna: “ To study the influence of mandibular exercise on pain, mouth opening and quality of life in post-surgical oral cavity cancer individuals with trismus” International Educational Applied Scientific Research Journal (IEASRJ), 2017 Vol.2, Pg No.6-8, Issn No.2456-5040.

04.  Dr.C.Shanthi, Dr.K.Madhavi, Ms.PC Supriya, Ms.P.Teja, Mr.V.Anandraj and Mr.Dilli Prasad: “A study to analyse the Isometric strength and Isokinetic peak torques of hamstring and quadriceps at different angles and angular velocity of knee using Isokinetic device in normal individuals”. IJPRBS Vol.6(5) 2017.




01.  Ms.E.A.Asha Begum, Dr.V.Sri Kumari, Dr.K.Madhavi: “Effectiveness of Tens versus laser on pain and disability in subjects with cervical radiculopathy” IJPRBS- International Journal of pharmaceutical research and bio-science, 2016; Vol.594: Pg.No.224-237, issue: 2277-8713.

02.  Ms.Manuja, Dr.K.Madhavi, The influence of intermittent compression therapy using sphygmomanometer on pressure changes and walking ability on individuals affected with peripheral arterial diseases of lower limbs”. IJPHY, 2016; Vol.3 (5): Pg.No.597-602, ISSN:2348-8336.

03.  Dr.C.Shanthi, Dr.Abha Chandra, Dr.Vanajakshamma, Dr.K.Madhavi: “Influence of graded aerobic exercise on exercise tolerance in post surgical mitral valve disease individual – A prospective randomized open label study”IJPRBS, 2016; Volume 5(3):165-173, ISSN:2277-8713, Coden:IJPRNK, Impact factor:5.567.                         

04.  Mr. C. Janardhan, Dr. K. Madhavi: “Influence of Music therapy and breathing exercises on anxiety in post-operative cardiac diseased individuals. International journal of Physiotherapy, 2016; Vol 3(1): 22-28, ISSN: 2348 8336.

05.  Dr.C.Shanthi, Dr. K. Madhavi: Influence of graded aerobic exercise on QOL in post surgical mitral valve disease individual” – A prospective randomized open label study Int. J physiotherapy, 2016; Vol.3 (5): 530-536.

06.  Mr.V.Meena, Dr.C.Shanthi, Dr. K. Madhavi: “Effectiveness of PNF stretching versus static stretching on pain and hamstring flexibility following moist heat individual with knee osteoarthritis” Int. J physiotherapy, 2016; Vol. 3(5):479-484.

07.  Ms.Aishwarya, Dr.C.Shanthi: “Influence of calcaneal taping and stretching exercises on functional status and calcaneal angle in subjects with plantar fascitis” IJPRBS, 2016;

08.  Mr.G.Ashoka Chakravarthi, Dr.A.Viswanathreddy, Dr. K. Madhavi: “Effectiveness of theraband exercises on strength of ankle and subtalar muscles and jump performance in male volleyball players” IJPRBS International Journal of pharmaceutical research and bio-science, Aug. 2016; Vol.5 (4):Pg.No.59-68.

09.  Ms.Y.Bhavani, Dr.A.Viswanath Reddy Dr. K. Madhavi: “Effect of plyometrics on strength of ankle musculature and agility in female kho-kho players” IJPRBS International Journal of pharmaceutical research and bio-science,2016; Vol.5 (5).

10.  Mr.Srikanth, Dr.Kameswari, Dr.V.Srikumari, Dr.K.Madhavi: A comparative study of traditional dysphasia therapy versus thermal tactile stimulation in the restoration of functional swallow and QOL in subjects with acute cerebral stroke during hospital stay. IJTRR-2016; Vol.5(5):178-185.



·         Dr.M.Padmaja, Dr.K.Madhavi.Influence of physical training on Quality of Life in post operative Congenital Heart Disease-A prospective Randomized clinical trial. Indian Journal of Applied research, December 2015, Vol 5, Issue 12. Page 507-510. 

·         A.Viswanath reddy,B.C.M.Prasad,G.Ravidra reddy,Arun G.Maiya. Effectiveness of Low intensity Laser therapy on the wound healing using Bates Jensen wound assessment tool in subjects with pressure ulcers. International Journal of Physiotherapy 2015; vol. 2(2):416-420. 

·         B.Jyothirmai, Dr.k.Senthil kumar, Dr.S.Raghava Krishna ,Dr.k.Madhavi “ Effectiveness of integrated neuromuscular inhibitory technique (INIT) with specific strength training exercises in subjects with upper trapezius trigger points” International J Physiotherapy October 2015,759-764, Vol2(5).

·         P.Haritha, Dr.C.Shanthi, Dr.K.Madhavi. Efficacy of post isometric relaxation versus static stretching in subjects with chronic non specific neck pain. Int J Physiotherapy, December 2015, 1097-1101, Vol 2(6). 

·         M.Siva Prasad, Dr.K.Madhavi. The influence of aerobic exercise on fatigue, activities of daily living and aerobic fitness in post gasterectomy in individuals undergoing chemotherapy. Int J Physiotherapy, December 2015, page number 911-915, Vol 2 (6).

·         K.Sai Sudha, Dr.A.Viswanath Reddy, Dr.K.Madhavi. Effectiveness of swiss ball Vs floor exercises on core muscle strength in elite cricketers. Int J physiotherapy, Oct. 2015 738-744,Vol.2 (5).

·         V.B.Geethika, Dr.G.Kameswari, Dr.V.Srikumari, Dr.K.Madhavi. Effectiveness of neural tissue mobilization on pain, pain free passive SLR range of motion and functional disability in low back ache subjects with sciatica. Int J Physiotherapy Oct.2015, 712-717,Vol 2(5).

·         M.Prasad Naik, Dr.A.Viswanath Reddy, Dr.K.Madhavi.  Effect of muscle energy technique of flexibility of hamstring and calf muscles and sprinting performance in sprinters. Int J Physiotherapy. Oct.2015, 718-728, Vol.2(5).

·         B.S.L. Vidhyadhari, Dr.K.Madhavi .Influence of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation techniques on diaphragm muscle activity and pulmonary function in subjects with guillain – barre syndrome. Indian Journal of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy April-June-2015, Vol.9, No.2.

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·         Mr.M.Srikanth, Dr.K.Madhavi, Dr.V.Srikumari. Effectiveness of muscle energy technique on pain and cervical range of motion in patients with myofascial pain in upper trapezius – Inj J physiother. Feb.2015 Vo.2(1), 333-340.

Case Report 

·         Viswanath reddy, K.Madhavi. Post operative knee stiffness – Role of Isokinetic dynamometer – A Case report. International journal of Pharmaceutical research and Bio-science 2015; vol. 4(2): 272-276.