Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences (SVIMS)

(A University established by an act of A.P. State Legislature)


Alipiri Road, Tirupati - 517 507, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh





Faculty & Staff


P. Vijaya Lakshmi

Professor OBG

Dr Meenakshi Jain

Associate Professor OBG

Dr S.R. Sree Gouri

Assistant Professor OBG

Dr. J. Malathi

Assistant Professor OBG

Dr. Suma Varsha

Assistant Professor OBG

Dr N. Geetha Rani

Senior Resident OBG

Dr. Akhila

Senior Resident OBG

Dr. C. Manju Yadav

Senior Resident OBG

Dr. D. Aishwarya

Senior Resident OBG

Dr.  V. Nagasravani

Junior Resident OBG

Dr. D. Rajani Devi

Junior Resident OBG

Dr. S.N. Padmavathi

Junior Resident OBG

Dr. P. Mohana Priya

Junior Resident OBG

Dr. Dhanasri

Jr. Resident

Dr. Kamala

Jr. Resident


Facilities available


1.    Out patients services

2.    In patient facilities

3.    Minor/surgeries facilities : 

(a)  Dilatation & evaluation

(b)  Dilatation & curelttage

(c)  Cut insertion & removal

(d)  Cryosurgery

(e)  Encerclage operation

(f)   Cervical biopsy

(g)  Hysterosalpingography

(h)  Pap smear

(i)   Endometrial biopsy

(j)   Colposcopy guided biopsy

4.    Major/surgery :

(a)  Caesarean  section

(b)  Tubectomy

(c)  Abdominal hysterectomy

(d)  Diagnostic laparoscopy

(e)  Laparoscopic hysterectomy

(f)   Vaginal hysterectomy

(g)   Laparotomy

5.    Labour room :

(a)  for normal deliveries and mtps


Equipments available

1.    Colposcope

2.    Operating laparoscope

3.    Diagnostic laparoscope

4.    Cryosurgery unit.


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