Department of Urology

Department of Urology started catering to the outpatients from 26th February 1993. The operation theatre became functional two months later. The department being well equipped with most modern state of art technology comparable to any other national institute, took off at a high level. Besides general urology the subspectialities like Neuro-urology, Infertility, renal transplantation, endo-urology, paediatric urology, uro-oncology and trauma care grew fast simultaneously.

With the coming of the new millennium a plethora of advances in technology in medicine have come as a gift for the ailing humanity. Age old open surgical interventions are becoming less popular and endoscopic and laporoscopic surgeries are taking over. In Urology, endoscopic management of stones and prostatic hyperplasia has witnessed exemplary development.

Department of Urology has all the facilities to deal with different types of stone with lithotripsy, PCNL & Ureteroscopy (Endoscopic retrieval of stones). For elderly patients with prostate diseases, endoscopic removal of the gland is a routine in this department.

The average number of outpatients seen so far is touching 3852 and more than 626 operations have already been performed. 600 patients were treated for male infertility. So far 24 live related renal transplants have been performed. More than 1700 Urodynamic studies were performed till today.

Besides a hectic work schedules, the department is actively participating in the academic and research in collaboration with the Department of Neurology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiology

All varieties of sexual dysfunctions like premature ejaculation, impotence, early detumescence etc.

  • Children with congenital deformities of penis, kidney, urinary bladder are also taken care of. Absence of one or two testes in the scrotal sac in a male child warrants urgent urological opinion.

  • We are advising against the common practice of subjecting boys for circumcision (fore skin of the penis) unless you seek advice from a Urologist.

  • Patients with kidney failures have all hopes of getting kidney (Renal Transplant) from their relatives only. This facility is also available in the department.

  • The department of Urology has its OP on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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