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Transfusion Medicine is the branch of medicine that is concerned with the transfusion of blood and blood components and is a place where blood is collected from donors, screened, typed, separated into components, stored, and issued for transfusion to recipients. Blood is needed to save precious human lives from accident, burns, heart surgery, organ transplants & patients receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer & other diseases.

The Department of Transfusion Medicine at SVIMS is running a full time Blood Bank and is an expansion of pre-existing Blood Bank catering the needs of a Tertiary Care referral teaching Hospital, SVIMS, Tirupati. The department is also organizing teaching and research activities. Blood Bank is open round the clock and the Whole Blood and Blood components are issued for the needy patients at SVIMS and adjacent hospitals such as BIRRD (T), Government Maternity Hospital and other local Hospitals. It is a vital part of the health care system and is associated with the rational use of blood and blood components..

According to the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) strict adherence to quality control at all phases of donor selection, donor room procedures, screening for Transfusion Transmissible Infections on fully automated platform i.e. enhanced Chemiluminescence Immuno Assay and component preparation by Universal leukoreduction methods, and serological procedures for grouping and typing of blood on fully automated column agglutination technology method are followed. All the donor blood samples are being subjected for antibody screening and identification by using commercially available 3-cell and 11-cell panels respectively.


Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences is the first Institute in the state of Andhra Pradesh to be implementing the Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing as an added layer of safety in reducing the residual risk of transfusion transmissible infections for all its patients by reducing the window period of detection of HIV HBV and HCV viruses using Roche MPX V2.0 test kits.



The following components are available at our Blood bank:

(License No.10/CT/AP/95/BB/R)


·         Whole Human Blood I.P.

·         Packed Red Blood Cells I.P.

·         Fresh Frozen Plasma B.P

·         Platelet concentrate I.P.

·         Granulocyte Concentrate

·         Cryoprecipitate   and

·         Aphaeresis Leading on to

§  Single Donor Platelets,

§  Plasma and



SVIMS is the first Institute in the State of Andhra Pradesh to Start M.D. (Transfusion Medicine) course.

Our aim is to provide the right blood to the right patient at the right time.



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