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Hematology as a separate discipline was recognized 75-100 years back in the Western World.  In India, at very few places, Hematology was established 25-30 years back.

            The job of a Hematologist is to provide the essential core knowledge required

1.      To assess the patients with possible disorders of blood.

2.      To organize relevant investigations

3.      To initiate therapy where necessary

To achieve this, we need both a patient - centred and disease – centred approach to haematological diseases. 

SVIMS has established many specialties and one of which is Hematology.

To achieve the above goal, facilities for training medical staff and treating patients are necessary.  Broadly

a.        Space      :  OPD, Day care, Wards, Intensive care units.

b.      Manpower: Doctors, Nurses, Technical staff.

c.       Laboratories : for Haemolytic work up, Coagulation work up, Histopathology, other Special labs dedicated to Hematology.

It is a matter of a good privilege and pride to note that, of all the Government Hospitals, ‘Hematology’ as a separate department exists only in SVIMS in Andhra Pradesh and NIMS in Hyderabad.

In view of the rising awareness of Hematology Branch among the doctors and the people, more and more patients come to Hemoatology.  SVIMS gets referrals from other Governmental/ESI/Private organisations all over Andhra Pradesh, ever since the Reorganisation of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States took place.

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