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Facilities available


1.    Out patients services

2.    In patient facilities

3.    Minor/surgeries facilities : 

(a)  Dilatation & evaluation

(b)  Dilatation & curelttage

(c)  Cut insertion & removal

(d)  Cryosurgery

(e)  Encerclage operation

(f)   Cervical biopsy

(g)  Hysterosalpingography

(h)  Pap smear

(i)   Endometrial biopsy

(j)   Colposcopy guided biopsy

4.    Major/surgery :

(a)  Caesarean  section

(b)  Tubectomy

(c)  Abdominal hysterectomy

(d)  Diagnostic laparoscopy

(e)  Laparoscopic hysterectomy

(f)   Vaginal hysterectomy

(g)   Laparotomy

5.    Labour room :

(a)  for normal deliveries and mtps




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