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Research Projects



·         A project sanctioned by department of social justice and empowerment (Scheme for implementation of persons with disability act, SIPDA) granted for 50 lakhs and is under process. Two Urinals constructed under SIPDA scheme. at SVIMS main entrance pathway.


·         Dr.A.Viswanath Reddy, Associate Professor of physiotherapy “Influence of aerobics Vs Indoor cycling on body composition and lung function in overweight and obese female subjects ( IEC No:666, approved by IEC on 14.08.2017.

·         Dr.A.Viswanath Reddy, Associate Professor of physiotherapy “ A comparative study on the effective of paraffin wax therapy with manual mobilization versus ultrasound therapy with manual mobilization on pain, range of motion and functional status of shoulder in diabetic subjects with adhesive capsulitis” Co-investigators Dr.K.Madhavi Professor and Principal i/c and Mr.S.Raghava Krishna, faculty of physiotherapy.  Institutional ethics committee of SVIMS reviewed the research protocol on 11.01.2016 and approved by IEC (No: 502) on 13.02.2016.

Research Work:

Ph.D thesis submitted:


·         Mr.K.Senthil Kumar, Assistant Professor, College of physiotherapy, SVIMS – “Effectiveness of a early mobilization and  structural cardiac rehabilitation on functional outcome and quality of life following coronary artery by-pass graft – a randomized controlled trail” Guide: Dr.Abha Chandra, Professor, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences, Tirupati.

Thesis submitted PG students:


·         Ms.K.Swapna Kumari “Effectiveness of interval walking and continuous walking training on glycemic control in people living with T2 DM (MPT Thesis). 

·         Mr.C.Prasad “Effectiveness of TENS in pain and range of motion in total mastectomy patients (MPT Thesis). 

·         Ms.P.Bindhu “Efficacy of smart phone apps influence of digital technology to enhance the motivation and physical activity in adults (MPT Thesis). 

·         Ms.P.V.Kiranmai “Effect of electrical stimulation and TENS on wrist flexors spasticity and hand function in subjects with stroke (MPT Thesis).  

·         Ms.D.Jalaja “Effect of PNF on circumductory gait functional mobility in hemiparetic patients with stretchings (MPT Thesis). 

·         Ms.P.Hema “To find out the proprioceptive based training on bilateral upper limb in stroke (MPT Thesis). 

·         Ms.A.Yamuna “Effectiveness of scapulothoracic and glenohumeral mobilizations on pain and range of motion in diabetic PA shoulder (MPT Thesis). 

·         Ms.T.Triveni “Effectiveness of electrical stimulation and muscle energy technique on extensor leg following TKR subjects (MPT Thesis). 

·         Mr.Sk.Saddam Hussain “Effect of mobilizations and resistive exercise on functional performance, pain in osteoarthritis of knee individuals (MPT Thesis). 

·         Mr.B.Chinna Vengaiah “Effect of therabands exercise and free weight resistance training on strength of rotators in badminton players (MPT Thesis). 

·         Ms.Vyshnavi: To find out the association between Treadmill and Stationary cycle on Vo2 max (MPT Thesis). 

·         Ms.J.Jessie kamal “Effectiveness of multi Gym Vs conventional resistance training for knee and ankle musculature on strength and jump performance in male basket ball players (MPT Thesis). 


·         Ms.S.Anjani “Effect of teletherapy on glycemic control, physical activity and quality of life in type-2 diabetes mellitus individuals”.

·         Mr.P.R.Charan Kumar “To study the efficacy of chair aerobic exercises on cognitive functions, physical activity and quality of life in geriatric population.

·         Ms.Sarada “To study the efficacy of aerobic exercises and yoga asanas on pain, menstrual distress, physical activity in subjects with primary dysmenorrhea.

·         Ms.K.Himabindu “Comparison of kinesiology taping versus arm sling on shoulder subluxation and shoulder function in subjects with sub-acute stroke patients.

·         Ms.Sk.Rabiya “A comparative study of spring assisted kinesiotaping technique and ankle eversion kinesiotaping technique on dynamic balance and gait velocity in chronic stroke patients with foot drop.

·         Ms.Vyshnavi “Effect of neural mobilization on pain and functional activity of lower limb in subjects with piriformis syndrome.

·         Ms.Ramya Krishna “To study the effects of neural mobilization on median and ulnar nerve on neural flexibility far desktop workers.

·         Mr.N.Siva Harish “Effectiveness of hip and knee strengthening Vs knee strengthening alone on pain, range of motion and functional activity in patella femoral pain syndrome individuals – Randomized control trail (RCT).

·         Ms.P.Sruthi “Influence of abdominal strength on pelvic angle and quality of life in subjects with mechanical back ache.

·         Mr.K.Nagarjuna “Effects of ballistic training versus Nordic hamstring curls on sprint performance in recreational sprinters.

·         Ms.A.Navya Sri “Effects of corestability exercises and suryanamaskara on balance in female badminton players.

·         Ms.P.Teja “Effectiveness of sprint versus plyometric training on the strength of knee musculature and agility in collegiate male cricket players.

Ongoing thesis of present PGs:

·         Mr.Mohammad Ali “An observational study on the ratio of isokinetic strength of shoulder internal and external rotators in male cricket bowlers”.

·         Mr.R.Sreekanth “Efficacy of task specific training on motor performences of upperlimb in stable stroke patients”.

·         Mr.L.Jaya Prakash “Effect of PNF stretching and conventional physiotherapy on ROM and flexibility in text neck posture individuals.”

·         Ms.D.V.Jayachitra “Effect of myofascial, trigger point release Vs. muscle energy technique on pain, and function in individuals with chronic plantar fasciitis”.

·         Ms.R.Geervani “Influence of positioning and breathing exercises or lung function and ABG parameters in postoperative CABG individuals”.

·         Mr.P.Sai Sandeep “The influence of aerobic exercises through telehealth on cardiorespiratory fitness in middle age group individuals”.

·         Ms.D.Suseela “Effectiveness  of integrated, neuromuscular inhibition technique (INIT) on pain, ROM, quality of life in non – specific mechanical neck pain in computer operating individuals”.

·         Mr.M.N.Reddeppa “An observational study of hamstrings and quadriceps ratio among the athletes”.

·         Ms.M.Sahithya “Effects of muscle energy techniques and proprioceptive training on pain and disability in mechanical low back pain for staff nurse population”.

·         Mr.S.Balaji “Efficacy of LLLT on pain jaw movement and equality of life in oral mucosrtics individuals with post chemotherapy head and neck cancer patients ”.

·         Ms.K.Navyacharitha “Effect of muscle energy technique on shoulder pain, range of motion, functions in patients with periarthritis shoulder”.

·         Ms.P.Sabitha kanna “Effectiveness of myofascial release technique with ultrasound versus positional release technique with laser in upper trapezii’s individuals”.

·         Ms.K.Manasa  “Efficacy of cryostretches with ultrasound versus ultrasound with weight bearing exercises on plantar flexors spasticity in the subjects with stroke”.

·         Mr.S.S.Anil Kumar “Efficacy of truncal exercises on balance and mobility in early ischemic stroke”.



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