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Dr.K.Madhavi, M.P.T., Ph.D.

Professor & Princiapl I/C




Dr.K.Madhavi, Professor and Principal i/c

Dr.A.Viswanath Reddy, Associate Professor

Dr.C.Shanthi, Assistant Professor

Dr.V.Srikumari, Assistant Professor

Dr.K.Senthil Kumar, Assistant Professor

Dr.C.Govardhan, Tutor

Dr.N.Kavitha, Tutor

Dr.M.Suresh Kumar, Tutor

Dr.G.Kameswari, Tutor

Dr.S.Raghava Krishna, Tutor


Contract basis clinical staff:


Dr.C. Archana, Clinical therapist

Dr.T. Jahnavi, Clinical therapist

Dr.A. Srikanth, Clinical therapist

Dr.K. Ashajyothi, Clinical therapist

Dr.U.Siva Kumar, Clinical therapist


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