Radiology plays a vital role in determining the accuracy of diagnosis and the subsequent planning of treatment. The clarity and sophistication of the images help doctors and surgeons plan every aspect of surgery in advance. In other words, imaging is the ‘the visual inspection of internal organs without incision’.

The radiology was well equipped with the state-of-art equipments such as 128 multislice CT scanner and another one is Spiral CT scanner, MRI (1.5 Tesla) The department is carrying out routinely interventional work under CT and ultra sound guidance like biopsies, drainages, PCN, embolisation of tumour vessels as well as balloon dilatation .


Diagnostic and Interventional

The Radiology department is equipped with a number of fixed High Frequency Radiography machines incorporated with Computed Radiography (CR) system and Digital Radiography (DR) unit.

Approximately 350,000 exams are performed each year with busy, surgical, oncologic, medical and trauma services

8 Portable radiography units are kept at various places in the hospital, in the intensive care units, wards, operation theatres and casualty.


The ultrasound facility of the department consists of the latest state of the art ultrasound scanners and has 8 USG machines located within the OP, IP, medical college, casualty, wards and OT s.

2 Dimensional (2D) Ultrasound 
• Abdomen
• Pelvis
3 Dimensional (3D) Ultrasound
• Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI)
• Volume Calculation on 3D Ultrasound
4 Dimensional (4D) Ultrasound
Small Parts Ultrasound
• Thyroid
• Breast (Sonomammogram)
• Superficial Swelling
• Scrotum & Eye (Ocular)
• Thorax (chest) Ultrasound
• Transcranial (Pediatric Neurosonogram) Ultrasound
• Transvaginal (3D) Ultrasound
• Neonatal and Paediatric Ultrasound
• Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
• Peripheral Nerve and Joint Ultrasound
• Dental ultrasound
• Ophthalmic ultrasound

Doppler Studies

• Carotid and Vertebral Studies
• Portal Venous System
• Aorta and IVC Flow
• Arterial-Venous Systems
• Renal Doppler
• Transplant Kidney , Liver Doppler
•  Illiac Vessels Doppler
• Foetal Doppler
• Specific Organ Doppler
• Transcranial Doppler
• Scrotal Doppler
• Penile Doppler
• Musculoskeletal Doppler
• AV Fistula and graft Doppler


• Pleural 
• Ascitis
• Pseudocyst
• Abscess
• Pelvis Collection
• Retroperitoneal 
• Specific Areas 
• Ultrasound guided pigtail insertion

Percutaneous Biliary Drainage


• Liver
• Kidney
• Breast
• Musculoskeletal


• Breast
• Thyroid
• Mass lesion


Mammography :

 CR Mammography UNIT .

Screening Mammography
Diagnostic Mammography
Mammo guided procedures
• Galactography
• Aspiration
• Biopsy

 Fluoroscopy Procedures

Gastro Intestinal (GI) Tract

  • Oesophagogram
  • Barium Meal
  • Barium meal follow through
  • Barium Enema
  • Enteroclysis
  • Loopogram

Urinary Tract

          Intravenous Urogram (IVU)


          Voiding Cystourethrogram (VCU)

          Ascending Urethrogram (AUG)

          Opposing Urethrogram


Computed Tomography (CT)

The Department has two state-of-the-art 128 -slice CT scanners (SIEMENS  and GE VCT XT).

 Procedures done using CT unit include

          Dual phase / Triple phase CT scans

          Whole body Imaging and Angiography

          Cardiac CT with Calcium Scoring

          CT Angiography (Aorta, peripheral and cerebral)

          Bowel Imaging

          High Resolution Computed Tomography

          CT guided Fine needle aspiration and biopsy

          CT guided drainage procedures

          3D Imaging

          CT urography

          CT sonogram

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

The Department is equipped with 1.5 T MRI Siemens Magnetom avanto 32 channel . MRI examinations are carried out round the clock. 

The services using MRI include

 • Whole body MRI
• Whole body MR Angiography
• Functional MRI, Fiber tracking
• MR Spectroscopy
• Perfusion and Diffusion Imaging

CSF Flow Studies

DBS planning
• Whole Spine Imaging
• Cardiac MRI
• MR Mammography
• Advanced abdominal imaging
• High Resolution Imaging of Joints
• Whole Body Metastasis screening
• Fetal MRI




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