The Department of Rheumatology offers a broad spectrum of Rheumatology services to the patients suffering from rheumatic disease that affect the musculoskeletal system. These diseases are very common, and comprise both inflammatory disorders such as arthritis, myositis, systemic lupus erythematosus, etc, and non-inflammatory disorders such as osteoarthritis. These diseases affect bones, joints, muscle groups and the immune system. The department offers outpatient services, medication and superlative treatment. SVIMS has diagnostic procedures including CT-Scan, bone densitometry and required labs.



Dr.K.Sirisha (MD,DM Rheumatology), Associate professor


Research Work

Post graduate thesis:

1. Utility of 99mTc-MDP blood pool SPECT in early detection of inflammation in arthritis and arthralgia.

2. Assessment of pulmonary function in rheumatoid arthritis and its correlation with disease severity by Disease Activity Score 28.

PHARM D thesis:

1. A prospective study on pain intensity and coping strategies in patient’s suffering with rheumatoid arthritis”

Ongoing Research work:

Post graduate thesis: Burden of hepatitis B, hepatitis C and human immunodeficiency virus associated arthritis in patients with rheumatic diseases.


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