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Radiation Oncology specializes in the medical use of ionizing radiation for the treatment of cancer and other medical conditions. The Department of Radiation Oncology at SVIMS has the most technologically advanced clinical radiation therapy programme in the AP.

The department is equipped with two linear accelerators with two photon energies with multi-leaf collimation and a full set of electron beams. The department also has a computerized treatment planning system with CT/MRI/PET fusion capability.

The accuracy of radiation treatment delivery is ensured by the electronic portal imaging for real time verification of the treated area and a range of sophisticated quality assurance equipments.

 Rt machines:

1)    Two linear accelerators

                 I.        Elekta precise with EPID (technics: 3D-CRT, IMRT)

               II.        Elekta synergy with CBCT (technics:3D-CRT, IMRT, IGRT, ABC, VMAT [arc therapy])

2)    HDR remote after loading brachytherapy (Varian gamma med plus)

3)    Dedicated CT-simulator (Siemens definition AS 20)

TPS (treatment planning systems):

1)     Monaco 5.11

2)    Oncentra 4.5.3

3)    Eclipse ARYA 15.6

RT dosimetric items:

1)    RFA (radiation field analyser)

2)    2D-array for patient specific QA

3)    0.6cc,0.0125cc and parallel plate ionisation chambers

4)    Radiation survey meter and gamma zone monitor


Academic Programmes


  •  MD in radiation oncology -3seats/yr

  •  DRT for radiation technologists -4seats/yr

  • Cancer screening programme at Naravaripalli


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