Future Plans
  1. To Start Identification and Sensitivity testing of Mycobacteria including NOW TB myobacteria

  2. To Better the antibiotic resistance monitoring and to have a standardized sensitivity determination.

  3. To Increase the panel of Serological test like Chlamydia serology, Full panel of Hepatitis Screening (HAV,HBV,HCV,HDV & HEV), Antigen deduction for HIV.

  4. To Setup Virology Laboratory and Institute of Human Virology with treatment facilities for AIDS patients

  5. To Upgrade Mycology & Parasitology sections

  6. To Introduce PCR Based Identification of important agents like Tuberculosis, HIV Infections & Hepatitis B&C.

  7. To Install fluorescent activated cell shorted for CD4 & CD8 counts in HIV

  8. To start HLA Testing for starting Transplantation.

  9. To Establish a referral centre for laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases

  10. To study the trends of drug resistance among bacterial pathogens and also antiviral resistance pattern of local HIV infected people.


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