The Department of Pharmacology was established in the year 2013.

Apart from U.G the Department is involved in teaching activity to various other courses like B.Sc. Nursing, B.Sc. Paramedical, Bachelor of Physiotherapy and M.Sc Dialysis.


The goal of teaching undergraduate students in Pharmacology is to develop the rational and scientific basis of therapeutics into clinical practice.   Also, to enable students capable of using drugs in clinical practice with scientific awareness by means of integrated teaching with clinical and pre-clinical departments.  The students are also taken to industrial visits during their course for giving a practical awareness on manufacturing of various forms of drug formulations.  Students are also encouraged in bilateral participation in academics by conducting Seminars and Quiz competitions.   

2. B.Sc. Nursing

Teaching for nursing students is done with a goal of developing knowledge and practical ability on handling of various drugs on human organ systems. 

3. Allied Health Sciences

Teaching for Physiotherapy, B.Sc Paramedical and M.Sc dialysis technician courses is also done by the department and training is given on handling of various drugs on human organ systems. 


Clinical focus

Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee:- (PTC)

This is a multidisciplinary committee that was constituted with the goal to ensure rational use of drugs in the institute.  The main functions of the PTC are:-

i)                    Advisory committee to medical staff, administration & pharmacy

ii)                  Development of drug policies

iii)                Evaluates and selects medicines for the formulary list

iv)               Develops standard treatment guidelines

v)                 Assesses the use of medicines to identify problems

vi)               Conducts effective interventions to impare  medicine use

vii)             Manages adverse drugs reactions

viii)           Manages medication errors

ix)               Disseminates information about its activities, decisions and recommendations to the staff

x)       PTC meets once in every month to monitor various activities for safer use of drugs in Patients

Prescription Audit Committee:

 This is a sub-committee of Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee & Consists or Clinicians, Pharmacologists and Clinical Pharmacists.

This committee is formed to ensure the standardization of Prescription in the hospital and avoid prescription related medication errors.  The committee audits both the IP & OP files for every two weeks and audits nearly 500 patient files every month.  Analysis of the audit report is done element wise for 14 elements and also for each and every department.  A feedback report is sent to each and every department along with areas of improvement of prescription.

After the intimation & the process the quality of prescription in the medical records has improved from 70% to 79% and the goal of this audit to reach the compliance to 90%.


Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring centre at SVIMS- Sri Padmavathi Medical College for Women was designated as part of Pharmacovigilance programme of India (PvPI) by Indian pharmacopoeia commission (IPC) in july 2015.  Dr. K. Umamaheswara Rao, Professor & HOD, Pharmacology is the coordinator, Dr. K. Vijaya Chandra Reddy, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, is the deputy coordinator and is supported by PvPI representative Dr. P.S.S. Durga Devi as patient safety Pharmacovigilance Associate.

ADRs reported from AMC, SVIMS, SP

MCW to National Coordination Centre:-

Jan’2017  to Dec,2017  - 673

Jan,2018 to  Aug,2018 – 298


Pharmacovigilance activities at our institute :

i)                    Conducting regular sensitization programmes for various clinical departments

ii)                  Display of posters on Pharmacovigilance at all IPDs & OPDs

iii)                34 ADR notification drop boxes (red boxes) fixed at IPDs & OPDs

iv)                Awarness programme and training sessions on ADR reporting for nursing staff

v)                  Trained ayurvedic  physicians of SV Ayurvedic Collge, Tirupati report ayurvedicmedicine-induced ADRs

vi)                Pv sensitization programme for school teachers, students on Deworming day -2017 conducted on 10-02-17

vii)              Two workshops on “Pharmacovigilance & ADR Reporting”for PharmD students -2016,2017

viii)            Monthly review meeting on Phrmacovigilance activities

ix)                Field visits to peripheral hospitals such as Balaji Institute of Surgery,  Research and Rehabilitation for the Disabled (BIRRD) hospital, RHC, Mangalam & UHC, Tirupati for improving ADR-reporting

x)                  Sensitization of all departments of the institute to Materiovigilance Programme of India for reporting medical device-induced reactions.

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