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Research / Projects

Research projects : -

A project sanctioned by Department of social justice and empowerment (Scheme for implementation of persons with disability Act, SIPDA) granted for 50 lakhs and is under process.


Research Work:

Ph.D Ongoing thesis:

Mrs.C.Shanthi, Assistant Professor, College of physiotherapy, SVIMS, Tirupati – “Influence of graded Aerobic Exercise on quality of life and exercise tolerance in post surgical mitral valve disease individuals- A prospective randomized open label study” Guide : Dr.Abha Chandra, Professor,  Department of  Cardiothoracic Surgery, SVIMS.

Ph.D thesis submitted:

Mr.K.Senthil Kumar, Lecturer, College of physiotherapy, SVIMS – “Effectiveness of a early mobilization and  structural cardiac rehabilitation on functional outcome and quality of life following coronary artery by-pass graft – a randomized controlled trail ” Guide: Dr.Abha Chandra, Professor, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences, Tirupati; 2015.

Thesis submitted by the outgoing PGs:-


01.  Ms.Bhargavi, MPT 2nd year student – “Effect of Integrated Hand function training on Hand grip strength in Hemiparetic stroke patient” Guide: Dr.V.Srikumari, Assistant Professor, COP, SVIMS.

02.  Mr.M.Siva Prasad, MPT 2nd year student – “Effect of Aerobic exercises on fatigue, quality of life, cardiovascular fitness in post-gastrectomy patient who are receiving chemotherapy” Guide: Dr.K.Madhavi, Professor, COP, SVIMS, Tirupati.  

03.  Mr.A.Prasad, MPT 2nd year student – “Comparison of the non – dominant hand strength to improve batting performance in young cricket players” Guide:Dr.A.Viswanath Reddy, Associate Professor, COP, SVIMS, Tirupati. 

04.  Mr.A.Prasad Naik, MPT 2nd year student – “Effect of muscle energy technique on hamstring and calf muscle in sprinters through Human Motion Analysis” Guide: Dr.A.Viswanath Reddy, Associate Professor, COP, SVIMS, Tirupati. 

05.  Ms.M.Sruthi, MPT 2nd year student – “Effects of resisted and aerobic exercise on immune system following ESR & CRP levels in Rheumatoid Arthritis patients” Guide: Dr.K.Madhavi, Professor, COP, SVIMS, Tirupati, Co-Guide:Dr.Siddartha, MD(G.Med) Rhumatologist. 

06.   Ms.K.Sai Sudha, MPT 2nd year student – “Effectiveness of floor exercises Vs swiss ball exercises in improving core muscle stability in cricketers” Guide: Dr.A.Viswanath Reddy, Associate Professor, COP, SVIMS, Tirupati. 

07.  Ms.P.Haritha, MPT 2nd year student – “Effectiveness of post isometric relaxation technique and resisted isometrics in patients with non-specific neck pain on pain disability and ROM” Guide:Dr.C.Shanthi, Assistant Professor, COP, SVIMS, Tirupati. 

08.  Ms.B.Jyothirmai, MPT 2nd year student – “Effectiveness of Integrated neuromuscular inhibitory technique along with specific strength training in preventing the reoccurance of upper trapezius trigger points” Guide: S.Raghava Krishna, Tutor, COP, SVIMS, Tirupati.

09.  Ms.V.B.Geethika, MPT 2nd year student – “Effectiveness of neural tissue mobilizations in LBA subjects with sciatica on pain and functional disability” Guide:Dr.G.Kameswari, Tutor, COP, SVIMS, Tirupati.

10.  Mr.D.Shravan Kumar, MPT 2nd year student – “Comparison of mime therapy Vs neuromuscular Re-education and facial assymetry in subjects with Bell’s Palsy”  Guide:Dr.V.Srikumari, Assistant Professor, COP,SVIMS, Tirupati.

11.  Mr.G.Suryam, MPT 2nd year student – “Effectiveness of strengthening exercises of upper back muscles in school going children’s” Guide Dr.K.Senthilkumar, Lecturer, COP, SVIMS, Tirupati.

12.  Mr.C.Janardhan, MPT 2nd year student – “Influence of music therapy and breathing exercises on Anxiety and Depression in open heart surgery patients” Guide:K.Madhavi, Professor, COP, SVIMS, Tirupati.   

Ongoing work of present PGs:-

Name of the student




To study the influence of intermittent compression therapy using plethysmographic method on calf muscles of lower limbs in peripheral arterial disease.


Ms.K.Ramya Krishna

To study the influence of physical activity in staff nurses



To study the effects of physical activity in breaking sedentary behavior in elderly people living in apartments in Tirupati urban.



Effectiveness of post isometric muscle energy technique versus mulligan’s bent leg raise technique on pain and hamstring flexibility in knee osteoarthritis individual – A Randomized controlled trial.



Effectiveness of low intensity pulsed ultrasound and cryotherapy on post operative pain and knee ROM in subjects with total knee replacement. 



Effectiveness of proprioceptor exercises on stability, quality of life and balance in ACL reconstruction subjects.



A comparative study of traditional dysphasia therapy Vs thermal tactile stimulation in the restoration of functional swallow and QOL in subjects with acute cerebral stroke during hospital stay.


Ms.E.Asha Begum

Comparison of laser and TENS on pain and disability in subjects with cervical radiculopathy.


Ms.Keerthi Priya

Effectiveness of mirror therapy and motor re-learning programme on hand function in subjects with sub-acute stroke.


Mr.G.Ashok chakravarthi

Effectiveness of theraband exercise on strength of ankle and subtalar muscles in male volleyball players.



Effect of plyometrics on strength and agility of calf muscle in female professional kho-kho players.



Effect of continuous Vs intermittent training to improve aerobic capacities in female professional hocky players.