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Future Plans


  1. To Better the antibiotic resistance monitoring and to have a standardized sensitivity determination.
  2. To Increase the panel of Serological test like Chlamydia serology, Full panel of Hepatitis Screening (HAV,HBV,HCV,HDV & HEV), Antigen deduction for HIV.
  3. To Upgrade Mycology & Parasitology sections
  4. To Introduce PCR Based Identification of important agents like Tuberculosis, HIV Infections & Hepatitis B&C. .
  5. To Establish a referral centre for laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases
  6. To study the trends of drug resistance among bacterial pathogens and molecular characterization by real time PCR.
  7. Outbreak investigations in Acute dialysis unit in 2014 & 2016.
  8. To start MRSA Laboratory.
  9. To start Line Probe assay for MTB detection and its drug resistance pattern.
  10. To start M.Sc Course in Hospital Infection Control.
  11. To start a certificate course ( 1 year) in Hospital Infection Control for Technicians.




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