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Facilities for Practical / Research


 Lecture Theatre

Lecture theatre of gallery type in the Institution with a seating capacity for 150 each. Lecture theatre is provided with necessary independent audio – visual aids including overhead projector, slide projector, LCD projector and a microphone.

Demonstration Room

Three demonstration rooms (60 fitted with strip chairs, Over Head Projector, Slide Projector, other audio visual aids with seating capacity for 50-75 students.


Haematology Lab

Haematology Lab (200 with work benches fitted with water taps, sinks, cupboards for microscope storage and electric points for 90 students is provided.  A preparation room (18 for technicians and storage of equipment is present.

Amphibian Lab

Amphibian Lab (200 with work benches fit with water taps, sinks, cupboards & electric points for students .  A preparation room ( for technicians & storage of equipments.

Mammalian Lab

Mammalian Lab (90sq.m.area) with table for Dale’s organbaths, water taps, sinks and cupboards.  A preparation room 14 for technicians and preparing Ringer Locke solution.



Clinical Physiology Lab

Clinical Physiology Lab (90sq.m.area) lab with 8 patient examination couches for 80 students with water taps, sinks, cupboards.  A preparation room 14 for technicians & storage of equipments

Research Lab

One research laboratory ( for research purposes along with equipments are present.


Departmental Library cum seminar room ( with tables, chairs & more than 80-100 books are present.


Brief details regarding Applied Physiology:

Facilities available for training in applied physiology.

ECG, Sphygmomanometer, Physiograph, Polygraph, Bicycle  Ergograph, Electric colour photometer,  Electronic Spirometer, patient examination couch are available in the Research Lab.


Facilities available for training in other related subjects.

The departments of Nephrology, Neurology, Cardiology  can carry out animal experiments if necessary and also training / research in applied Physiology.

 Technical Support

Availability of trained technical staff for assisting the PGs in PG practical and research.

Trained technical staff are present for assisting PGs


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