1.      Morphomteric parameters on human mandible

2.      Morphometric studies on aborted  fetuses

3.      Studies on Morphological  and histological features  of human fetal lungs

4.      Osteometric studies on human femora

5.      Morphological  and morphometric studies on human fetal spleen

6.      Studies on morphological and histological features of human fetal pancreas

7.      A Study on sex determination of human adult skulls available in chittoor District

8.      Studies on morphological features of human foetal thyroid glands

9.      Studies on morphological features of human foetal liver

10.  Studies on neurovascular pattern in the arms of human fetuses

11.  Morphology and morphometry of human placenta

12.  Osteometric studies and sexing of human humeri in chittoor district

13.  Sexing of human clavicle in Tirupati region

14.  Some studies on congenital talipes equino varus

15.  Observations on morphological features, morphometric parameters and Histogenesis of suprarenal gland in human embryos and fetuses

16.  Morphological features and morphometric parameters and histological features of human fetal kidneys at different gestational ages

17.  Morphological features and morphometric parameters and Histogenesis of fetal uterus at different gestational ages

18.  Estimation of height from measurements of foot length of an individual in Andhra Pradesh region

19.  Renal vascular pattern in human foetuses at different gestational ages

20.  Statistical significance of sexing unknown adult human sterna by Metrical Analysis

21.  Percentage accuracy of sexing human adult tibia by discriminant function analysis

22.  Sexing of unknown human Hip bones by morphometric parameters

23.  Morphometric study of adult sacra in Rayalaseema and Chennai population

24.  Sexual Dimorphism in South Indian Human adult Scapula

25.  Morphological features, morphometric parameters and Histological features of Human  fetal Thymus gland at different gestational ages

26.  Morphological features, morphometric parameters and Histological features of Human  fetal Stomach at different gestational ages

27.  Morphological features, morphometric parameters of Human  fetal Hearts and origin, course and branching pattern of coronary arteries at different gestational ages

28.  Morphological features, Morphometric parameters and Chronological appearance of Human  fetal Cerebral sulci and gyri at different gestational ages

29.  Morphological features, morphometric parameters and Histological appearance of Human  fetal Caecum and Appendix at different gestational ages

30.  Morphological features and morphometric parameters of tricuspid and bicuspid valves in human fetal heart at different gestational ages

31.  A sample study on morphology, morphometry and percentage incidence of neutrophil drumsticks and buccal mucosa; barr bodies in both sexes

32.  Morphological features, morphometric parameters and histological features of human fetal cerebellum at different gestational ages

33.  Morphometric, Histomorphometric parameters and histological structure of human fetal skin at different gestational ages

34.  Study of foot prints for morphometric analysis of arch index and morphological and morphometric analysis of dermatoglyphic pattern

35.  Comparative dermatoglyphic patterns in mentally retarded and normal children

36.  Morphometric studies of ventricular system of human brain by using CT scans in normal individuals

37.  Morphometric studies of posterior cranial fossa and foramen magnum using computerized tomography CT images

38.  Morphometric Parameters of Spleen using sonography

39.  Morphometric Parameters of  Liver using sonography




















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