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The department has sophisticated neurosurgical armamentarium


  • Leica OH 5  Operative Microscope 
  • Zeiss OPMI-CS-NC2 Operating Microscope
  • Sonopet  CUSA
  • Selector Ultrasonic Aspirator
  • Midas Rex- Pneumatic Drill.
  • Stryker  Drill
  • Siemens  C- Arm
  • Allengers C- Arm
  •  Karl Storz Endoscope
  • Bone Scalpel Misonix
  • NIM Eclipse Nerve Monitor
  • MIZUHO MOT -55015R Electro hydraulic tables
  • Mayfield skull fixation frame
  • Sugita skull fixation frame
  • CRW CT guided stereotactic system
  • Aesculap Elas Electrical bone drill
  • Steffee spinal instrumentation set
  • A range of Aneurysm clips, microinstruments.
  • Casper spinal instrumentation set.
  • Occipito cervical fusion set.
  • Transoral set.


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