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Research Projects & Thesis Submitted:


  1. Department completed a project in association with Department of Psychiatry funded   by INMAS, DRDO, New Delhi, Title: To determine the role of Brain SPECT in the study of  emotion and neurocognition.

  2. DNM. Dissertation submitted by Dr. Ravishwar Narayan, in 2014, Title: Role of   Samarium-153 Ethylene Diamine tetra methylene phsophonate Radionuclide Bone  pain       palliation in patients with metastatic bone disease.

  3. M.D Thesis submitted by Dr. Ramya priya. R ,in 2017,title:Utility of Short Acting I.V      Insulin therapy in preparation of F-18 FDG   PET- CT scan       in cancer patients        incidentally detected with high blood glucose levels on the    day of test.

  4. M D Thesis submitted by: Dr.V.Sai Krishna Mohan, in 2017, title: Utility of 18-F FDG PET CT in detection of primary sites in patients with CUP.

  5. M.D Thesis submitted by Dr. Sk. Mehabunnisa, in 2018, title: Evaluation of consistency   of 18F- FDG PET-CT based Metabolic Tumour Volume in Primary Tumour of Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma with respect to time.

  6.  M.D Thesis submitted by Dr. R.Amrutha Lakshmi, in 2018, title: Utility of 18-F FDG Brain PET-CT scan in evaluation of regional brain metabolism in patients with Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES) patients


Ongoing Thesis:


  1. M.D thesis by Dr. L.C.N.D Praveen, Utility of 18 F-FDG PET/CT Scan in further management of locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients in post definitive chemo radiation setting .

  2.  M.D thesis by Dr. S. Muneendra Kumar, Role of dual point F-18 FDG PET/CT in the initial staging and management of locally advanced carcinoma cervix.

  3. M.D thesis by Dr. J. Sai Moulika, Role of 99m-Tc -sestamibi Scintimammography in         predicting the  response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in treatment naive, biopsy proven    patients with locally advanced breast cancer.

  4. M.D thesis by Dr. S. Chandra Teja Reddy, Utility of 18F- FDG PET/CT in management    of pancreatic and periampullary masses.

  5. M.D thesis by Dr. K.B. Sricharan, Role of 18F FDG PET/CT in characterizing solid renal   mass lesion and treatment planning.

Publications of Faculty

Dr. T.C Kalawat:

1.      Int. Urol. Nephrol (2011) 43:919-923 DOI 10, 1007/s 1255-011 – 03031x (Nephrology Original Paper) Topic: Acute bilateral non-obstructive bacterial pyelonephritis with acute  kidney injury in the elderly: role of non-invasive studies in its diagnosis.

2.      Hemodialysis International 2011; 15:583-85 DOI: 10.1111/j.1542-4758.2011.00576 Topic: Serendipitous discovery of mediastinal tuberculosis lymphadenitis in a patient on maintenance hemodialysis

3.      Kalawat TC et al. J Clin Sci Res 2012;1-49-52. Special Feature on PET-CT – Topic: PET-CT in re-staging and treatment response evaluation. (Journal of Clinical & Scientific Research, SVIMS (JCSR) Vol.1 No.1 Jan-Mar-2012 Issue.

4.      Manjusha Yadla, Kalawat T C. Multifocal Skeletal Tuberculosis. Clin Kidney J 2012; 5-366.

5.      Kalawat TC Chittoria R. Role of PET-CT Imaging in documentation of infection & viability of stored bone graft. J. Society of wound Care Research. 2012; 5:44-6.

6.      Tekchand Kalawat, Ravi Kumar Chittoria1, Praveen Kumar Reddy1, Bachhu Suneetha, Ravishwar Narayan, Parthasarathi Ravi, Role of Lympho-scintigraphy   in diagnosis and   management of patients with leg swelling of unclear etiology. Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine. 2012; 27(4).

7.      Tekchand Kalawat, Ravishwar Narayan, Parthasarathi Ravi, Amancharla Yadagiri Lakshmi, Utility of bone scintigraphy in diagnosis of post-traumatic osteitis  pubis. Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2013

8.      Tekchand Kalawat1, Ravi Kumar Chittoria2, Praveen Kumar Reddy3, Ravishwar Narayan1, AY Lakshmi4, Parthasarathi Ravi1 Role of Infection Imaging with            99mTc Ciprofloxacin Scintigraphy in Chronic Non-Healing Diabetic Foot Ulcer. Journal of Society of Wound Care Res.13; 6(1):40-43.

9.      T.C Kalawat, CK Kishore1, R Ram1, AY Lakshim2, B Vijayalakshmi2, P Lakshmi2, MR     Gupta, R Narayan, K Radhika3, V Siva Kumar1, Role of 18F-Fluorodeoxy glucose positron emission tomography computed tomography in localization of hidden             infection in symptomatic chronic kidney disease patients”.             Indian J Nucl Med. 2013;       28(S):11.

10.  R. Narayan,1   T.C. Kalawat, 1  R.G. Manthri, 1 A.Y. Lakshmi,2  B. Vijay Lakshmi     Devi, 2  N. Anil Kumar, Samarium-153-ethylene diamine  tetramethylene phosphonate (EDTMP) therapy in the management of refractory    bone pain in a patient with Carcinoma Prostate and diffuse bone metastasis”. J Clin Sci & Research: 2013; 2:239-           42.

11.  Tekchand KChennu KKAmancharla Yadagiri LManthri Gupta RRam R, Vishnubotla S. Utility of 18 F-FDG PET/CT scan to diagnose the etiology of fever of Unknown origin in patients on dialysis. Hemodialysis Int. 2016; doi: 10.1111/hdi.12471.

12.  Narayan R, Manthri RG, Thiruvengadaswamy K, Tyagi A, Kale PG, Kalawat T. Role of Samarium-153-ethylene diamine tetramethylene phosphonate radionuclide bone pain Palliation in patients with metastatic bone disease. J Clin Sci Res 2017; 6:89-94.

Dr. M. Ranadheer Gupta:

1.      Ranadheer M, Sarala S, Narayan R, Tyagi A, Kalawat TC. Diuretic intervention improves accuracy of 18F- FDG PET-CT in bladder malignancies. J Clin            Sci. Res 2015; 4:186-7.          

2.      Ranadheer Gupta Manthri, Mehabunnisa Sk., Kalawat TC, Swapna Jilla, Subramanian

BV. Role of skeletal scintigraphy in evaluation of low back ache in treated case of  Carcinoma Cervix patients. J Med Sci Clin Res 2016; 4:12579-84.

3.      Ranadheer M. Gupta, Tejonath G, Santi Bhushan M, Pushpalatha S., Prabhakar Rao VVS. Thyrotoxic periodic paralysis-Are we underestimating the incidence. J Med      Sci Clin Res 2016; 4:12592-5.

4.      Santhi Bhushan M, Ranadheer M Guptha, Tejonath G, Manas Panigrahi, Prabhakar Rao    VVS. Comparison of 99M Technetium Sestamibi Brain Single Photon  Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) with Computed Tomography (CT) & Magnetic  Resonance Imaging (MRI) in Differentiating Tumor Recurrence From Radiation Necrosis  in Post Therapeutic Gliomas. Int. J Sci Res 2016; 5:9.

5.      Prabhakar Rao VVS, Manthri RHemalatha PKumar VNAzhar M. Time reducing exposure containing 18 fluorine FDG master vials dispensing in hot lab: Omega Technique.  Indian J Nucl Med 2016; 31:158-60.

6.      Ranadheer M G, Tejonath Gadepalli,1 Deepthi Pathapati,2 and VVS Prabhakar  Rao2. Interesting Skeletal Radiologic and Scintigraphic Outcomes and Their Logical Clinical conclusions. Indian J Nucl Med. 2017; 32(4): 322–5.

7.      Ranadheer Gupta Manthri, Mehabunnisa Shaik, Kalawat Tekchand, Sivakumar V. Utility of Hilson’s Perfusion Index in the evaluation of suspected acute tubular Necrosis. Indian J Transplant 2017; 11:171-3.

Case Reports

1.      Rallapeta Ramya PriyaRanadheer Gupta ManthriAmancharlaYadagiri LakshmiTekchand        Kalawat. Intracranial meningioma mimicking brain metastasis on “18F sodium fluoride bone scan in a case of carcinoma cervix”. Indian J Nucl Med 2016; 31(4):295–7.

2.      Krishna Mohan VS, Manishi L Narayan, Arun M, Bharath B, Amit K Chowhan,1BVijayalakshmi Devi, Suresh V, Alok Sachan.A typical Parathyroid Adenoma With Multiple Brown Tumor as Initial Presentation: A Rare Entity. Indian J Nucl Med 2017; 32(2):133–6.

3.      Ranadheer Gupta Manthri, Mehabunnisa Shaik, Kalawat Tekchand, Siva Kumar V. Utility of Hilson’s Perfusion Index in the evaluation of suspected acute tubular Necrosis. Indian J Transplant 2017; 11:171-3.

4.      Rayudu AL, Kalawat T, Krishna Mohan VS, Mohan A, Lakshmi AY, Mantri RG. 18 F - Flurodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography- Computed Tomography in evaluation of large vessel vasculitis. IJNM. 2018; 33:48-51.


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