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Health Camps





·         To bring awareness among the rural population of state, majority of who are farmers and agriculture labourers, patients not aware of advanced medical treatments and are silent sufferers of ill health.

·         The camp schedule of every month will be provided by the Dr. YSR Aarogyasri Health Care Trust.

·         Total Camps Conducted by SVIMS:    504 (Till December 2019)

·         Medical Camp Coordinator (VMCCO) at least 7 days in advance to the camp area to undertake IEC activities as planned and arrange for the facilities to be provided for the camps.




·         Pamphlets distribution

·         Public address system/mike announcement in auto

·         Dandora / beat of tom-tom

·         Playing of audio visual media (cassettes, audio cd‟s & ads)

·         Scroll in local cable networks

·         News/ advertisements in local dailies

·         Posters

·         Banners                                                

·         SHG meetings




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