Projects Completed

  1. Internal Jugular vein catherization - case study of apical versus posterior approach.
  2. Postoperative ventilation after major neurosurgical procedures using continuous infusion of fentanyl & midazolam - study outcome.
  3. Comparison between radial & femoral arterial pressures during & after cardio- pulmonary bypass - A prospective study.
  4. Timing of baseline ACT in open heart surgeries.
  5. Does brain manipulation during major intracranial procedures alter coagulation profile ? A randomized prospective study.
  6. “Lignocaine for prevention of reperfusion VF after release of aortic cross clamp” 
  7. “Fast track cardiac surgery in off pump coronary artery bypass grafting surgery – A prospective analysis”
  8. “Comparison of intubating condition between succinylcholine and rocurounium with priming.
  9. “Role of magnesium in post operative analgesia
  10.  “Haemodynamic response to intubation – effect of gabapentin” 
  11. “ Amiodarane for prevention of  arterial fibrillation in patients undergoing on vital valve replacement surgery” 
  12. “ Correct depth of insertion of right internal jugular central venous catheters based on external landmarks”
  13. “Comparison of haemodynamics and intubation conditions during rapid tracheal intubation using suxamethonium and Rocuronium with ephedrine pretreatment”

Ongoing Projects

1.     Thoracic epidural analgesia (TEA) for pain relief in thoracic surgical procedure.

2.     Ventilator associated pneumonia experience at a tertiary care teaching hospital in south India.

3.     Protamine dose calculation heparin ACT dose response curve. 

4.     An experience with intrathecal ketamine with ketamine – Midazolam. 

5.     Ultra low dose aprotinin Vs Tranexemic acid A comparative study in reducing blood loss in open heart surgery.

6.     Base line ABG as a predictor of mortality in ICU patients.

7.     A study to determine whether volume control pressure control ventilation in better in prone position

8.     Comparison B/N plain Bupivacaine vs Bupivacaine with Ketamine for spinal Anaesthesia.

9.     “A comparative study of clinical effects between 0.5% Bupivacaine heavy and 0.5% Bupivacaine  with Ketamine for lower abdomen and lower limb surgeries” 

10.   “ Comparison of Butorphanol and Fentanyl for balanced Anaesthesia patients undergoing Laparoscopic Surgeries under General Anaesthesia”

11.   “Comparison of clonidine and dexmeditomedine in attenuation of haemodynamic response to laryngosopy and intubation thoracic surgical cases”

12.   “Pulmonary Dysfunction in early postoperative period in patients undergoing valve replacement surgeries” 

13.   “Compare the effect of propofol and thiopentone on BIS during induction and correlation with haemodynamic parameters”. 

14.   “ Comparison between objective methods ( TOF – watch S X) vs Subjective method ( peripheral nerve stimulation) to monitor no – depolarizing neuromuscular blockade during general anaesthesia”.


Planned Projects


1.     Comparison Between  objective vs subjective methods of Neuro muscular Monitoring .

2.     Role of BIS in cardiac surgeries.

3.     Effect of Tranexemic Acid on post cardiac  surgery bleeding.

4.     To attenuate the haemodynamic response in laproscopic surgery.



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