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  1. Evaluationof plasma oxidant and antioxidant parameters in solid tumour patients


  1. Influence of a single hemodialysis session on endothelial dysfunction: Dept. of Biochemistry
  2. Oxidative stress and antioxidant defense mechanism in patients with clinical and subclinical hypothyroidism
  3. Novel biomarkers in studying the contrast induced effects on kidney.
  4. Gut derived uremic toxins in various stages of CKD
  5. Role of adipokines in endothelial dysfunction at various stages of chronic kidney disease


  1. Prevalence of cardiovascular risk markers in patients with metabolic syndrome
  2. Glucose tolerance, Insulin resistance and lipid profile in polycystic ovary syndrome women
  3. Evaluation of traditional and novel cardiovascular risk factors in patients with   rheumatoid arthritis
  4. Prevalence of factors influencing endothelial function in pediatric obesity
  5. Clinical utility of estimation of salivary parameters in screening, diagnosis and monitoring kidney disease
  6. Utility of serum total PSA and free PSA measurements in combination with CA15-3, and serum CEA in breast tumors
  7. Study of Oxidative stress markers and antioxidant markers in contrast induced acute kidney injury 
  8. Study of Tumor markers in chronic kidney disease


1.      Lipid profile changes in patients on Hemodialysis

2.      Study of Iron status in patients on Hemodialysis

3.      Lipid Profile changes in patients with carcinoma stomach

4.      Study of serum ADA Levels in carcinoma stomach

5.      Role of ADA in pleural effusion

6.      Study of oxidant and antioxidant status in type 2 Diabetes mellitus

7.      Study of Lp (a)& uric acid as risk markers in Diabetes Mellitus

8.      Study Of lipid profile and Lp (a) in Diabetes nephropathy

9.      Comparison of novel versus traditional risk markers in acute myocardial

10.  Adenosine Deaminase levels in acute myocardial infraction

11.  Plasma branched chain amino acid profile in chronic kidney disease

12.  Effect of dialysis session on plasma branched chain amino acids in patients            on maintenance haemodialysis

13.  Lipid profile changes in patients with chronic kidney disease

14.  Effect of L-Carnitine supplementation on inflammatory markers and lipid profile in patients on maintenance haemodialysis

15.  Effect of L-Carnitine supplementation of nutritional markers and    apoproteins in patients on maintenance haemodialysis

16.  Oxidant and antioxidant status in metabolic syndrome

17.  Cardiovascular risk markers in hypothyroidism

18.  Oxidant and antioxidant status in hypothyrodism

19.  Study of Adenosine deaminase levels in diabetes mellitus

20.  Study of lipid profile and total antioxidant capacity in type-2 DM

21.  Study of iron stores in PCOS women

22.  Study of oxidant and antioxidant status in PCOS women

23.  Study of endothelial function in patients with early CKD

24.  Homocysteine And C- Reactive Protein Levels In Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

25.  Study Of Endothelial Dysfunction In Hypothyroid Patients

26.  Study of Asymmetric Dimethylarginine levels in patients with Diabetic Nephropathy

27.  Study of Ischemia modified albumin levels in patients with Diabetic Nephropathy

28.  Association of Triglyceride/High density lipoprotein ratio with disorders   producing insulin resistance

29.  Urinary enzymes for early diagnosis of tubular dysfunction in type2 diabetes mellitus

30.  Measurement of thyroid hormones in saliva

31.  Evaluation of assay for ischaemia modified albumin (IMA) using albumin cobalt binding (ACB) assay for automation

32.  To study oxidant and anti oxidant markers in breast cancer

33.  Inflammatory markers in MHD

34.  Novel CVD risk markers in MHD

35.  Assessment of oxidative stress by plasma carbonyl content in clinical          hypothyroid patients

36.  Evaluation of oxidative stress by plasma carbonyl group content in hepatitis C positive hemodialysis patients

37.  Evaluation of ischemia modified albumin as oxidative stress marker in        hepatitis Cpositive hemodialysis patients

38.  Study of lipid peroxidation, protein carbonylation and anti oxidant status   in Rheumatoid Arthritis

39.  Study of atherogenic indices in rheumatoid arthritis

40.  Lipid profile and atherogenic indices in pediatric obesity

41.  Enzymatic antioxidant status and oxidative stress in chronic kidney            disease patients

42.  Non enzymatic antioxidant status and oxidative stress in chronic kidney     disease patients

43.  Study of ischemia modified albumin and adenosine deaminase levels in      early stages of CKD

44.  Evaluation of oxidant and antioxidant status  in coronary artery disease

45.  Liver enzymes in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients

46.  Cardiovascular risk factors in patients with Rheumatoid arthritis

47.  Utility of Carbamylated Hemoglobin in the diagnosis and differentiation of acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease

48.  Association of Adiponectin with disease activity in patients with Rheumatoid arthritis

49.  Study of serum Adiponectin levels in Type 2 Diabetic patients with albuminuria

50.  Study of Adiponectin levels in women with Polycystic ovary syndrome



1.      Novel urinary biomarkers for early detection of diabetic nephropathy in type2 diabetic patients.


1.      Association between Non alcoholic fatty liver disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus: Role of adipokines and endotoxins.

2.      Study of serum circulating micro RNAs in breast cancer

  1. Role of adipocytokines in development of breast cancer
  2. Effect of vitamin D supplementation on cardiovascular risk factors in patients with T2DM
  3. Oxidative stress and inflammation in T2DM patients with subclinical atherosclerosis.
  4. Study of anti-atherogenic effects of rosuvastatin in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus




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