Conferences attended, lectures delivered 

 DrAlok Samantaray, attended the following

1.      ISA WEBCON Annual state conference 2020 and delivered a guest lecture on “Considerations in paediatric day case surgery” at Kerala on 1st November 2020.

2.      Delivered a guest lecture “Prudent Oxygen usage in COVID Hospitals” at Department of Health, Medical & Family Welfare, Govt.of AP on 8th September 2020.

1.5  Presentations by postgraduate students

Postgraduate students pursuing MD (Anaesthesiology) presented the following Posters & Papers  at:


ISA Karnataka Virtucon 2020 State Conference- 2020 during 12-16 December 2020

1.      Krishna Priaya.K. Anaesthetic Management in Morbid obese patient posted for posterior mediastinal mass excision.

2.      Sharon linnet. Retrograde nasal intubation for an anticipated difficult intubation.

3.      Kishore M. A comparative study on fixed dose dexmedetomidine & propofol infusions on desfluorane consumption during bis guided laparoscopic surgeries a randomized controlled study.

4.      Meda Venkata Srinivas. Retrograde intubation for unique case of difficult airway. & Comparison of ease of intubation with mccoy laryngoscope & cmac videolaryngoscope in modified mallampatti MMP grade III and grade IV patients.

5.      Sameera Vani P. Anaesthetic Management of traumatic Diaphragmatic hernia.

& Role of Apache II& admission chest X-ray in predicting

6.      Sahana.B.N. Role of Anaesthetist in the Management of airway of a patient after corrosive ingestion.

7.      Radhika B. Role of Anaesthesiologists in Management of an infant with hydrocephalus for shunt surgery.


ISA WEBCON Kerala  State Conference- 2020 on 2nd November  2020


1.   Banoth Radhika. Clipping of Giant Aneurysm Role of Anaestheiologist

2.   Sharon Linnet.P. Evaluation of quick sequential organ failure assessment sofa in predicting mortality in intensive care unit.

3.   Kishore M. Anaesthetic management of a child with congenital heart disease dermatomyositis for non cardiac surgery.

4.   Sahana B.N. To compare the efficacy of addition of dexmedetomidine or placebo to ropivacaine scalp block to attenuate the hemodynamic response to skull pin placement in neurosurgical procedures.

5.   Mummaka Harshavardhan.  Attenuation of Hypotension associated with induction dose of propofol a randomized  controlled trial comparing vasopressor doses of phenylephrine and Mephentermine.

CMEs/Seminars/Workshops/Orations conducted by the dept

1.   Dr M.Hanumantha Rao organized “Balaji Anaesthesia  Gold medal chair oration on 16/11/2020, as a part of World Anaesthesia day celebrations and felicitated DrAshok Shankarrao Badhe, M.D., Medical Superintendent, Professor, Dept.of Anaesthesia & Critical Care, JIPMER, Puducherry.


Other Professional Activities

 SVIMS, American Heart Association Certified International Training Centre (SVIMS, AHA-ITC) and SVIMS Simulation System (S3).

 The SVIMS-AHA-ITC trains participants in basic and advanced resuscitation skill whereas S3 basically aims at training the UG’s and PGs using high fidelity simulation in basic medical procedures and scenario.

In the year 2020, SVIMS AHA ITC and S3 conducted training session for 52 BLS candidate,17 ACLS candidate and three simulation training session on Sim-Man 3G, LLEAP and Sim Pad.

The SVIMS AHA ITC also conducted training for 134 learners for NON-AHA ACLS and 234 learners BLS as a capacity building measure. Five candidates were trained as BLS/A.


CME Programmes & Workshops

  • The Department is conducting a National level post graduate CME Programme called

  • BAPU (Balaji Anaesthesia Postgraduate Update) since 2007 as an annual event with Dr.M.H.Rao as organizing Chairman/Secretary.

  • The Department has conducted a South Zone ISACON – 2018 with Dr.M.H.Rao as organizing Chairman and Dr.Alok Samantaray Scientific Chairman.

  • CME Cardiac & Neuro anaesthesia on June 8-9,1996.

  • International Trauma Anaesthesia & Critical Care Society Conference (ITACCS) on August 13-15,1999

  • Dr.M.H.Rao conducted CPR work shop was conducted in the conference of research society of anaesthesiology and clinical pharmacology in Oct 1996, Visakhapatnam

  • Dr.V.Sathyanarana was the organizing chairman for the AP zone ISA conference held in Tirupati in October, 2002

  International Conferences

  •  Dr.M.H.Rao attended the SOAP (Society of Obstetric Anaesthesia and Pernatology ) conference in Montreal, June 2000, Montreal, Canada. And presented a paper on segmental dose requirement of epidural lignocaine (SDREL).

  • Dr.M.H.Rao attended the world congress of anaesthesiology (WCA) conference at Montreal , Quebec, Canada, June 2000.
  • Dr.M.H.Rao attended the world congress of Anaesthesiology (WCA) conference at Paris, France April, 2004 and presented a paper on “ Ventilator Associated Pneumonia “ A study in Tertiary care referral hospital.
  • Dr.M.H.Rao Chaired a session in World Congress of Anaesthesiology (WCA) conference on BRAIN DEATH & ORGAN TRANSPLANTION, Paris,France,April 2004.
  • Dr.M.H.Rao attended the ASA (Australian Society of Anaesthesiology) Conference in Sunshine coast, Coolum, Australia.
  • Dr.M.H.Rao worked in Wollongong & Illawara Hospital in critical care unit, Wollongong, Syndney, Australia.
  • Dr.M.H.Rao Attended   ASA- 2008(American Society of Anesthesiologist ) annual conference  at Orlando, Florida , USA.   and  presented a paper.
  • Dr.M.H.Rao attended international conference on “ Fluid Therapy “ on November, 21st 2009.Kualalumpur, Malaysia.



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